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Before there were drones, only pixelated photos from satellite images were seen for real estate use. Now that aerial photography is more accessible it is easier to produce high quality real estate photos showing the true scale of the property and a the areas surrounding. There are many benefits to using a drone for your real estate listings.

  • Captures the true scale of the property

  • Great for locations with multiple homes

  • Shows how close you are to surrounding areas

  • Can show angles unreachable by photographers 

  • Shows the space and privacy from neighbors

  • Makes your photos stand out from the rest

  • Much more affordable than a helicopter 

  • 4K Photo & Video

  • Brings in potential buyers

Drones are not only great for real estate use, but they help out in many other aspects of work such as wedding photography, scouting, inspections, events, search & rescue, etc. Prices range from anywhere from $100 to $10,000 in some areas based on project requirements, equipment, and most importantly the skill of the pilot. You are not just paying for a set of photos but for the pilot/photographers skills, experience and quality.


When most clients hear the price for drone operation you usually don't hear "Wow! That's cheap!". So why is drone operation so expensive and what are you paying for? Aerial photography once captured by a helicopter crew could cost over a couple thousand. You had to pay for the pilot, aircraft, photographer, and camera equipment. With a drone it is a much safer process as well as much cheaper. You may see a wide range of prices for drone photography and they all vary based on a few characteristics. Skill is usually what costs the most with drone photography. With the rise in drone availability anyone one and everyone can fly a drone and take pictures. Although not everyone can do it legally, efficiently and professionally. Take a look at our list below to help you better select your next drone pilot.

License & Registration

A remote pilots license is required by the FAA for any pilot operating or planning to operate for commercial use. Failing to do so can result in a fine up to $20,000. On top of having a license to operate commercially a pilot must also have a business registration for the drone that they are using.

Drone Insurance

It is not required but strongly advised. Drones are new to the market and some of them will have errors and some of them will fall out of the sky. The only pre-cautious thing you can do to help an accident like this is to make sure your pilot has insurance and does their pre-flight checks.


It is not required but strongly advised. Drones are new to the market and some of them will have errors and some of them will fall out of the sky. A company that I recommend would be DJI. They have a large variety of drones from a small simple quadcopter to a  large survey drone. 

Aerial videography has skyrocketed ever since the drone became accessible to the every day recreational user. We specialize in drone operations specifically for photo & video use. With a background in videography we have the knowledge and tools to capture that perfect shot. Why else should you choose JMC for aerial videography?

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